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Friday, February 8, 2013

A wedding story about a FIRST ULC wedding

I must share with you about my first wedding ceremony performed in Dripping Springs, TX on Sept. 29th. 2012. 

Everything went so well (even though there was a downpour and we had to rush indoors) and I enjoyed my very first attempt at this so much.  I wrote the whole thing myself, taking words from your book and others. The outline you provided was so helpful.  The only thing I forgot to do was tell the guest that they can be seated.  I didn't even realize I forgot that and I heard they stood for a short while then sat down in spurts.  Ugh!

 It was so crowded all around me, from having to move indoors, that I couldn't see the guests that were blocked by the bride and groom. 

A lesson learned and one I will never forget.  Thanks, Amy for wonderful directions and information.  I enjoyed the whole experience so much.

Rev. Kilpatrick

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