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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Seven Blessings Wedding Ceremony

Seven Blessings

We would like to credit and thank the Swedenborgian Church of San Francisco for this collection of readings. It is a beautiful place to be married, and welcomes all faith traditions.

Person One: May the power of your love bring you health and well-being throughout your lives. (Amen)

Person Two: May you have wisdom in the ordering of your common life that you may each be to the other a strength in need, a counselor in perplexity, and a companion in joy. (Amen)

Person Three: May you have the grace, when you hurt each other, to recognize your faults, and to seek each other's forgiveness. (Amen)

Person Four: May your life together be a vessel of divine love and a symbol of peace to our struggling world, that unity may overcome estrangement, forgiveness heal guild, and joy conquer despair. (Amen)

Person Five: May you be ever thoughtful and gentle, patient and forbearing, regardful of each other's feelings and opinions, and lenient to each other's infirmities. (Amen)

Person Six: Despite whatever challenges and struggles lie upon your relationship's path, may you always find life good and worth celebrating. (Amen)

Person Seven: May you discover such deep fulfillment of your mutual affection that you may always be inspired to reach out in love and concern for others. (Amen)

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  1. I love this and as I minister to cultures who value numerology this will be greatly appreciated!!!