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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Feedback on my first wedding veremony


I wanted to write and let you know about my first ceremony experience.

First of all, thank you for ULC for the extra assistance in getting proper documents for Clark County, Nevada. I think, since weddings are a major part of Las vegas's income, they make it especially hard on out of state ministers, but your "kit" was perfect and quickly accepted.

This was my first wedding ever and, to add extra emotions to it, my own daughter. The materials you have on the ULC website as well as my own internet searches were invaluable. The kids are now particularly religious and so I designed a more secular ceremony, taking into account the area of the country. I used a blend of traditions, from Scotland < using a Scottish Quaich but with a beer they had both brewed > for a Unity piece and a Apache life blessing.

My eyes did tear up when I got to the "I now pronounce you….." section, but I got through it all with a father's love and hopes for his kids.

Thank you again for all the support you furnish for us fledgling ministers.


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