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Friday, April 20, 2012

Butterfly Release

Dear Amy,
Recently I officiated a wedding where the couple had a butterfly release at the end of the ceremony. The words I read during the release were taken from someone else and found online. However, just prior to the moment that the guests were told to release their butterflies, I spoke a few words that I'd been inspired to share with them. If you want to include them in your wedding ceremony book, I would be honored.

for use just prior to a Butterfly Release, while the guests and bridal party are still attentive to the Officiant's voice:
"You may not remember the words spoken here today; you may not remember the colors of the flowers; you may not remember the music you dance to this evening…
None of us may remember how long the butterflies linger. But, in addition to the joy on the faces of these two beloved people, there is one thing I will remember…
If a butterfly lands on the palm of my hand… I can not hold onto that butterfly. If I try to hold it, it will be crushed. If I keep my hand open, it will be safe… Just like our relationships… the butterfly needs to be free…"
[Rev. Frieda N. Hughes]

Then I instructed them to release the butterflies as they listened to a poem about the symbology of the butterflies, and also told the author's name. i.e. "As we listen to these words written by poet _______ ________, please release your butterflies."

Respectfully submitted,
Rev. Frieda New Hughes


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